Rob Harrer, Chicago Consumer Lawyer and Founder of the Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C., knows from personal and professional experience how unfair and difficult life can be for people who are struggling financially. It inspired him to develop and implement Chicago Consumer Law Center P.C.’s Debt Deletion Program, which helps people resolve unsecured debt, obtain legal protections, rebuild their credit, and restart their lives without declaring bankruptcy.

Harrer founded the Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. to achieve great results for clients dealing with a creditor’s lawsuit by utilizing the law. Depending upon the client’s particular circumstances, Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. helps them fight the lawsuit or, if necessary, declare bankruptcy as a last resort.

While Harrer’s efforts have helped countless clients get their financial house in order, he realized some people remained stuck in between. They had defaulted, unsecured debt, such as a credit card, but a creditor or debt collector had not yet sued them, and they did not want to file for bankruptcy. That’s when he conceived the idea for the Debt Deletion Program.

“We created the Debt Deletion Program because we wanted to help people that had defaulted debt but had not yet been sued and had no interest in filing for bankruptcy,” Harrer explains. “These folks still need our assistance with their defaulted debt, so we came up with a way to help them possibly avoid debt collection lawsuits and bankruptcy, and resolve their debt at the same time.”

Harrer recently assisted a client who had been sued for credit card debt, a type of unsecured debt his firm can handle. Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. defended the client in the lawsuit, won, and achieved an excellent result. However, the client had many other defaulted debts that Harrer knew were going to a lawsuit—the inevitable end of defaulted debts, whether they’re with an original creditor like Citibank or a debt collector like Midland Credit Management. He and his team wanted to help their client without waiting for creditors and debt collectors to sue him on these other debts.

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First, Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. examined his credit reports to see what debts showed up; then, they talked to the client to determine if he had any other delinquent debts that the credit reports did not list. From there, they notified the creditors, be they original creditors or debt collectors. And because the communication came from a law firm that informed them that they represented the client, these creditors had to deal with Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C., which meant that all the collection calls, letters, and stress their client had been dealing with went away.

“In these situations, we try to avoid a lawsuit for our clients” Harrer notes. “But if the creditor or collector does sue our clients, we step right in and defend it as a regular debt collection lawsuit, which can get it out of that person’s life forever.”

After resolving their clients’ debts, Harrer and his team focus on educating them on how to improve their credit. First, they share specific strategies and guidance to increase their credit score right away. They also look for ways that debt collectors have broken the law. Once they start representing clients, they constantly look for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to see if they can sue a debt collector for breaking the law. They turn the tables on them and often even beat them to the punch by suing them before they sue Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C.’s clients. As a result, the client could get the debt canceled, off their credit report, and out of their life, paving the way for their credit score to start going up.

Harrer created the Debt Deletion Program for people with unsecured debt, usually credit card debt or loans. It’s not for mortgages, automobiles, and so forth. It’s also for people who don’t want to file for bankruptcy, something most don’t want to do anyway. He calls the program an alternative to bankruptcy because it enables his clients to resolve the debts they can’t afford and enjoy legal protections without filing for bankruptcy and suffer the consequences of having it on their credit report for ten years.

Another benefit of the Debt Deletion Program is if someone receives notice of a lawsuit, all they have to do is call the Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. and say, “Hey, I’m in the Debt Deletion Program. I got sued, here’s the lawsuit,” and they can take over and handle it. While the program does not eliminate stress from their clients’ lives, it reduces the stress of getting served with a lawsuit and not knowing what to do. No one has ever lost money with Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C., so the Debt Deletion Program makes complete financial sense.

There is one important caveat, however. Because it’s built with the expectation that many cases will go to a lawsuit, Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. only offers the Debt Deletion Program in Cook County, Illinois. People get confused because the laws cover different geographic areas, and there’s state law and federal law. The Debt Deletion Program is only for Chicago and suburban Cook County.

Are you ready to resolve your debt and reclaim your life? Call now to talk to someone about the Debt Deletion Program at Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C. at (312) 858-3240 and get those debts out of your life once and for all!

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Debt collectors aren’t allowed to harass you. If they report false information on your credit report, they’re violating the law. If unlawful collection practices have harmed you, you can sue for damages.

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We’ve been there. At the Chicago Consumer Law Center, we know from first-hand experience how the worst debt collectors operate – and we know what it’s like when a debt or credit dispute puts a family’s home and future at risk.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor or deeply in debt. Suppose you’re involved in a debt or credit dispute in the Chicago area. In that case, a consumer protection lawyer at the Chicago Consumer Law Center can stop the harassment, solve the dispute, or defend you against a debt collection lawsuit.

With our help, consumers can challenge debt collectors and credit reporting agencies. Whatever the problem is, we’ll resolve it in a way that won’t cause financial hardship for you or your family. For more information, visit our website at

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